Kjeld Sorensen
By himself

After 25 years as an economist in Danish corporations, looking at points and figures, trading currencies and developing strategies many hours each day, I decided to develop my creative skills.

I was very lucky: Tom Eltang agreed to help me get started - the right way. By letting me stay at his workshop, by giving advice in the right way, by sharing his experience, by showing me, that almost is not good enough, I got started. So - since 2003, I was a full time pipe maker.

In 2005 I brought my pipes to the Chicago Pipe Show for the first time, presenting my pipes and the Red Hat.
Why a Red Hat?
For many years now, I have been an active member of the pipe-club “Sydsjællands Pibelaug”. At slow smoking competitions, the members of this pipe club wear a Red Hat. I noticed, that the Red Hat was visible - even in big crowds - that’s why!

Ever since my first show in Chicago, Smoker’s Haven has been my dealer in USA.

I have been experimenting a lot on shapes, designs, materials and finish, to develop a style of my own. The craftsmanship has improved over time, so that the pipes now will meet the expectations of a skilled pipe-smoker.
But still: I have a long way to go in the learning process (which I hope never stops!). I think my style at this point is influenced by both Danish and Japanese pipe-makers. I adore the elegance in the Danish style, and also the playful but balanced lines in the Japanese style.

My focus is first of all on the shape matching the lines in the briar, but I also apply bamboo, horn or box-wood, when this fits into the shape. The sandblasting, I execute on Tom Eltang’s equipment.
My briar comes from Italy, Greece and Algiers. Mouthpieces are mostly made from German ebonite, but horn and acrylic has also been used.

Round 100 pipes leaves my workshop annually, some of which are custom made from sketches or ideas from other smokers. All ideas are welcome – with no obligation to buy the final result.

Thank you for your time...