Leo - about Leo

My name is Leo Børgart and I am a self-taught pipe maker.
I was born in April 1944 in Copenhagen.

It all began when I was an apprentice as a woodworker. I have always been interested in working with wood.

After the apprenticeship, I served as a sergeant in the Military Police, in which I spent 6 months in Gaza for the UN.

As a natural prolonging of this, I worked as a Police officer in Copenhagen for 25 years.

During this time I felt the need of spending my leisure time with something creative, so why not try and make pipes for private use.

I grew op with a pipe smoking father, who made the condition that if I wanted to smoke, it had to be pipe and only at home.

After a while family and friends wanted try my homemade pipes. This gave me the opportunity to buy materials and I was on my way to pipe making.

In 1991 a businessman in Milan, Italy contacted me. He wanted to buy my entire production. I had to leave my job and I became a pipe maker on full-time.

In order to get new challenges I am now a member of danishpipemakers.com

Thank you for taking time to read my story