This website has now been running for a year or so, and has proved it’s right by having close to 10.000 visitors per month.
This along with the many positive emails I receive gives me the strength to carry on my "one-man-band" as editor and Webmaster and owner of

I will like to start a tradition on this site:
A Danish hand made “Pipe of the Year” designed by one of the pipe makers on this site - for a reasonable price.
If this first go shows to be a success, I will carry on with the idea - a new Danish pipe every year in the years to come.

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Danish pipe maker Jørn Larsen is the one to launch this tradition.
Jørn has designed a fine classic 1/4 bent freehand model with beautiful lines.

The model comes in 5 different finishes and all pipes are fitted with handmade stems of ebonite.
The pipes will be stamped with Jørn Larsen’s stamp and the logo of

In order to get this project going with a minimum of risk, the pipes will be produced by order. This means in fact that Jørn will start making a pipe when an order comes in. You will have to accept a production time of two weeks.
I have teamed up with one of the sincere on-line shops – AAB-Pipes in Denmark – to handle the order and shipping. All pipes will be shipped with Worldwide Registered Postal Service and payment will be on-line on AAB-Pipes secure server.

You have a choice between these finishes:

Orange smooth polished:
The most expensive of them all, since this finish calls for extra fine grain.

Dark smooth polished:
A beautiful dark red/brown (nearly “black”) color and a perfect smooth finish.

Red rusticated:
A very nice hand-rustication with a red/brown color. Polished on top of the bowl and end of shank.

Brown sand:
Sandblasted with a fine red/brown color. Polished on top of the bowl and end of shank.

Black sand:
Sandblasted with a deep black color. Polished on top of the bowl and end of shank.

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The pipes can be ordered at AAB-Pipes (Margit & Aage Bisgaard) in their on-line shop at the below addresses.
Please make sure to select the right link according to where you live (due to European VAT).

Orders for people living OUTSIDE the European Community - NO VATl.

Orders for people living WITHIN the European Community - VAT Included.

When your order and payment is in place, Jørn will start making your pipe, and it will be shipped a.s.a.p. (within two weeks) from AAB-Pipes.

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